ABOUT BOATING Add up some unique fun and entertainment to your kids. Kids can try tiny boats in a pool of water here. they can float around the water pool just one feet deep. Great fun for all kids. Kids!. Dodge, Float and splash your friends as you make your way around the pool like […]

Bull Ride

Bull ride

ABOUT BULL RIDE Add up some unique fun and entertainment in your family gathering, birthday party or family groups or friend groups by adding up Bull riding to your activities. The bull ride will give u a chance to experience the joy of riding a wild animal and you will get your adrenaline pumping. The […]

Body Zorb fight

Body Zorbing

ABOUT BODY ZORBING ABody Zorbing fight is an activity where the person is placed inside a inflatable bubble/zorb and the aim is to knock down the opponent. This activity is a new – innovative approach towards team building activities. Participate to have some fun-filled moments with your colleagues, friends and family, one of the best […]


archery unheard festival t

ABOUT ARCHERY Archery improves concentration, focus and patience, which is an essential tool in personality development. A kid is very happy if he accomplishes a goal, and when he really does it, appreciate him to encourage to do more. This fetches him with confidence and he knows that you understand him turns into a deep […]

ATV Ride


ABOUT ATV RIDE If you desire to ride off-road and crave to do it, you can give a try at Hill Ventures. ATV quad bikes are motorized vehicles that are meant to be used off-road or dirt roads and not on highways. ATV rides are offered at custom closed circuit that is designed to provide […]

Bungee Slingshot

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ABOUT BUNGEE SLINGSHOT If you are a kind of person who likes to get his heart beating in his throat, Bungee Slingshot is here for you. You will be strapped to the seat with 5 -point safety belts.The high tension elastic rope catapult will shoot you straight in one direction upwards, at about 60 feet […]



ABOUT VORTEX TUNNEL It is a mind blowing attraction, an illusion that is gives you a virtual, mystifying, spinning, and sloping experience like none and surely going to spin your head or blow your senses off. It a turning tunnel and you pass through it. Try it and see it yourself. Warning: Personnel with health […]

Rock Climbing

rock Climbing

ABOUT ROCK CLIMBING Humans have been climbing rocks for ages ago for safety reasons as it provided safe zone from predators. In Mustang, Nepal, archaeologists discovered a complex series of burial caves that can only be reached by climbing the faces of imposing vertical cliffs. The American Southwest is riddled with evidence of native tribes […]


HILL VENTURES Property  19

ABOUT RAPPELLING Don’t limit your outdoor adventure experience with hiking or Trekking in the vast mountains, or climbing a rock. Those who are looking for hasty fun nothing is compared to ascend down a giant cliff with a rope down to the level ground. You have control over your ascend speed. It can be enjoyed […]


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ABOUT ZIPLINE Have you ever hooked yourself to a Zipline, they are fun, exhilarating and a great source of adventure. It is a cable connected between two points that slope downward. A body harness is fitted to the passenger and a pulley is clipped to the cable. The pulley is designed to reduce friction, and […]