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The Weather

Dharamshala Weather is a variable climate with very low rainfall in comparison. The weather in Dharamshala may be greatly categorized according to the three seasons that are:

-Hot Season (April-June)

-Wet Season (July-September)

-Cold Season (October-March)

December and January have large variations in temperature of around 10 degree Celsius and these are the wettest months of the region. Winters are characterized with large unreliable snowstorms. Maximum temperature usually ranges from 25 to 35 degree Celsius during summers, more near about 40 degree Celsius during April afterwhich it falls but not as drastic as night time. Frosty climes prevail from December till February

Dharamshala is extremely warm in the warmer months and cool during the fall. Winter’s mild and spring is nicr which means that you can dress comfortably throughout the year.


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