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About Zipline

Have you ever hooked yourself to a Zipline, they are fun, exhilarating and a great source of adventure. It is a cable connected between two points that slope downward. A body harness is fitted to the passenger and a pulley is clipped to the cable. The pulley is designed to reduce friction, and the rider accelerate down the line at some speed. The Zipline has a sag that when the rider is about at 80% of the Zipline length, the cable seems to climb up reducing the speed of rider and stopping completely at end point. However your body weight, slope and Zipline length play a role on the speed, however a brake mechanism is installed to take care of over speed issues. Hill ventures priorities safety of the users before fun, so our engineers have designed it in a perfect way, to be long, fast and high off the ground without sacrificing safety.

Zipline is an activity to challenge yourself and broaden your personality, and it’s completely safe. The guide, the safety equipment, and the engineered Zipline has many safeguards in place to ensure that your safety is not compromised. The shared thrilling challenging experience brings together people as you express it after completing it. You don’t need any fitness level to accomplish it, as the guide shall assist you. If you have a desire to fly high, a trip with Hill Ventures on a Zipline is the terrific way to get it done.

Hill Ventures has a 305 meters Zipline that would be a great fun to try out. It is one of the best outdoor activities for kids and adults.

Zipline with Hill Ventures gives you the opportunity to experience an extreme sport whilst having fun, your safety guaranteed with the highest standards of quality-controlled equipment as well as trained professionals standing by, so you can enjoy the ride.!!

Warning: Personnel with health problems should avoid adventure activities.

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