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About Rock Climbing


Humans have been climbing rocks for ages ago for safety reasons as it provided safe zone from predators. In Mustang, Nepal, archaeologists discovered a complex series of burial caves that can only be reached by climbing the faces of imposing vertical cliffs. The American Southwest is riddled with evidence of native tribes living among the mesa cliffs of the region. Most ancient people probably climbed for safety.

Rock Climbing is done with various safety gears in the event of fall. Guide assists you with donning of the safety equipment tying of safety line and you ready to go. You will have options to choose which grip to catch to make it up, just like real life scenarios and it turns out to be either good choice, average choice of bad choice and immediately you learn a lesson, where you did wrong. You adapt to situation and try to correct yourself as you cannot afford to be in wrong place for long or you fall. As you climb up your body muscles crumble and you feel heavier, it’s your will that makes you to top. Focused and cool minded people make way up lot easier. It’s after all a good activity to participate and testify yourself with the harsh conditions along way up, in terms of personality development.

Rock Climbing with Hill Ventures gives you the opportunity to experience an extreme sport whilst having fun, your safety guaranteed with the highest standards of quality-controlled equipment as well as trained professionals standing by, so you can enjoy the ride. It is one of the best outdoor activities for kids and adults.

Warning: Personnel with health problems should avoid adventure activities.


Rock Climbing
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