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Trekking and Camping with overnight stay in Himalayan Mountains in wilderness

Himalayas has been destination for trekking enthusiasts all around the world. Its staggering snow clad peaks traditional tribal villages, sacred shrines, Buddhist monasteries, wildflowers and meadows are some of characteristics that delivers extraordinary experiences to the visitors. Dhauladhars are so tall that it rains here heavily and the flora and fauna thrives here lush green all year. The pristine snow peaks remain snow-white for majority of the time of year, that’s why they are called Dhauladhars which means white ridge. The lower mountains are about half the height of the white ridge and remains lush green except for winters, white from snowfall. These lower mountains have spectacular locations to hike up showing breath-taking views of the white ridge and have marvelous trails suitable for trekking near Dharamshala. The moment you are atop and you witness the massive piece of huge rock that’s coated with white snow is so exciting and exonerating. You can feel the grandeur and its mightiness, its toughness, which can inspire you, no matter how many storms, rains, lightening, and snow has eroded it, it still continues to stands up and delight travellers like you.

Glance down and you can see the slopes running all the way down to plains, and if the visibility is quite good, you can see to an exhorting distance of about 80 Km. Enjoy the beauty of the Dhauladhar mountains hiking or trekking along virgin trails nearby. The physically fit persons can join the treks n hikes to relish thrilling landscape.

Tour Details:

Total Group size of the tour is 10

The tour difficulty level is Easy

Tour features:

<h3>Trekking near Dharamshala mountains</h3> Treks are conducted only on good weather days for a group of at least 10 people. Please wear, warm clothing, suitable Sports or light hiking shoe, carry Camera, Sun cream & cap, Water bottle, Sunglasses and Valid Photo ID. Guests are to disclose any health issues before joining the trek. Inclusions: Safety equipment, Water, Chocolates and Pack Lunch included. The treks n hikes are subject to availability of favorable weather conditions. People who have ill health or any history of illness should refrain from participating any trekking or hiking activity. This Trek will have an overnight stay in the Mountains. Trek leaves early morning and returns to Hill Ventures next day before noon.
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