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Triund Trek

Triund Trek

Triund Trek

Triund Trek has breathtaking views of the snow-fed mountains. The mountains are called white ridges as their white banner contrasts with the green surroundings. Chasms and streams run down the slopes, making it one of India’s most popular treks. The Trek is an easy and stunning trek for people passionate about trekking and hiking in the mountains. Book this Trek to behold a lifetime journey where you can see the serene landscapes, cliffs, and streams. Nearby peaks like indrahar pass, moon peak Rifle horn, and Arthur’s seat are the famous peaks in this mountain range. When the slopes are covered with clouds, it is a precious moment that rarely occurs, making it worth it. 

Start Point

The Trek starts from Bhagsunag. You can reach Bhagsunag by taking a Cab or any other transportation from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj Bhagsunag. The distance of the Trek is about 9 Km, and the difficulty is easy to moderate depending on the physical strength and stamina of the individual. Arrive at the Bhagsu Nag Taxi Stand before 10:00 AM to join the Triund Trek Himachal Pradesh

Delhi to Dharamshala by Bus

Volvo Bus service is frequent from Delhi from Kashmiri gate and Majnu ka Tilla (New Aruna Nagar Colony). The fare of the buses depends on the season ranging from 1200 per person to 1800 per person. The buses start from Delhi in the evenings to late at night and arrive in Dharamshala Early morning. The journey time by the Volvo bus service is about 10 to 11 hours to reach Dharamshala. the 

Delhi to Dharamshala by Air

An average of three flights are operating from Delhi to Kangra Airport. The flights are incoming, usually from the morning till the afternoon. There are no flights to Dharamshala in the evenings. There is a taxi union near Dharamshala Aiport, and cabs are available for hire at regulated govt rates. 

Trek Length to Triund Hill

It takes about 5-7 hours to reach Triund Hill and depends on an individual’s physical strength and stamina. The route starts and ends at Bhagsunag village near Mcleodganj.

Things to Carry

Always remember to carry warm clothes, energy bars, eatables, good grip shoes, a light backpack, first aid, a torch, and a water bottle. You can drink water and refill your water bottle from the stream water en route. Alcohol is not allowed on the Trek. Always pay particular attention not to throw trash along the way or at the hilltop. Bring your litter back with you. Wear warm clothing with you during the winter as Triund weather can turn nasty cold in hours. Do not carry alcohol on the Trek.

Permits and Safety

The Trek base point is Bhagsunag Village. 

Staying Options in Triund

Camping tents are available on a sharing basis (double or triple sharing) in the package. Pre-booking your experience with a reliable travel agency is always advisable for a comfortable stay at Triund Hill. You can also book the forest guest house from the HP tourism website.


There are some cafes en route to the Trek, where you can have coffee and eat maggie. better to have some dry fruits, energy bars, or any biscuits in your backpack for an emergency.

Emergency and safety

Always follow the guide’s instructions for a successful trek. The trek route is tricky and dangerous at some locations where a guide can help you. Delek Hospital (0189 222 2053), founded by members of the Tibetian community, is in Mcleodganj. The Closest Police station is the Mcleodganj police station.

Tour Features

Wear Suitable comfortable Clothing for treks. Full-length trousers and good-quality grip hiking shoes are recommended. A backpack is also suitable for carrying a camera or water bottle during the Trek. Safety Equipment, Sticks, and a guide shall be provided at Hill Ventures. Any person with High BP, Heart Disease, Fractures, or any ill Health Condition should avoid Trek and disclose his health condition to the guide.

Terms and Conditions

“Hill Ventures” reserves the right to change expedition dates, people, or itineraries as conditions warrant. Itineraries are based on information available during the planning and are subject to change. Suppose a trip must be delayed or the Itinerary changed subject to bad weather. In that case, road conditions, transportation delays, government intervention, airline schedules, sickness, or other contingency for which Hill Ventures or its agents cannot make provision, the cost of delays, and/or other changes are the participant’s responsibility. Hill Ventures reserves the right to decline or accept any individual as a trip member for any reason whatsoever.

Triund Trek is presently restricted by Government Guidelines. Alternatively, Thatharna Trek is offered, similar to Triund Trek, with the same Itinerary. 

triund Ridge

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