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Our Mission

Hill Ventures is becoming the promised adventure destination where you can try a lot of adventure on a single trip. If you planning for some cool adventure trips, try Hill Ventures adventure activities, and once you experience it there is one guarantee that you won’t go home unchanged. A lot activities are conducted inside and outside the campus for Adventure enthusiasts from all over the world which offers a memorable, exotic experience. It is an ideal place for relaxing where you will find your “Peace of Mind” in depths of natural landscape covered completely in Sound of Silence

Our Guide

A guide always has some practical obscurity to critique you on as he is the one who is technically qualified and has experience much more than you and he can tell you with authority that you should adhere to his instructions. He will take some of your time briefing you about the safety procedures and the protocols you need to follow to safely accomplish the activity, just to ensure your safety as top priority. Follow guide always. Safety comes with common sense, knowledge, application of set of instructions and you should never joke with your safety.

The thrill while doing an adventure sport is unmatched. It is very important that when you attempt an extreme sport, you put your life at risk, so be mentally prepared and listen to instructions carefully to be safe. Here are some safety rules you should always bear in mind.

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