Best Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh during Winter Season

Best Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh during Winter Season

Imagine you are on vacation and enjoying a cup of hot coffee in your hand on a beautiful morning in a hotel in a hill station surrounded by a lush green mountain landscape where cold chilly winds are blowing through your hair, a gentle breeze kisses your face, your eyes are sparkling with the whitewash of the snow-white mountains, and you have a view of the lifetime, this surreal view washes off all your worries. Winters in the mountains are like that; it has the uniqueness of transforming your vacation into an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Winters give a sparkling contrast to the Mountains, and it is the best time to visit, either for a vacation or honeymoon or for some corporate meeting or to hang out with friends. It’s a treat you can have and can give you a vacation worth a lifetime. Himachal always has more to offer during your visit in winter.
With surreal and breathtaking views, Himachal Pradesh is one of the favorite travel destinations for those with a special place for mountains in the depths of their hearts. The hills get abundant Snow, and the weather is chilling with the wind bowing down to the valleys, giving people some warmth. The young people flock to the mountains for recreational activities, and Himachal is a backpacker’s favorite travel destination. They venture out into the wilderness, remote areas, trekking expeditions, homestays, lakes, meadows, and much more to enjoy it as a lifetime trip. Many places in Himachal are often full of tourists during winters. Shimla, Manali, Barot, and Kalpa are the best places to go during winters where people can witness Snow, play with it, and enjoy it with a perplexed feeling of the Narnia world.
Himachal is a perfect destination for Honeymooners, backpackers, families, and college groups to have a splendid time. All the popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh in winter have been explained here in the following paragraphs.


Shimla, the Summer capital of Himachal Pradesh, was established as the Summer Capital of India by Britishers during early colonial rule. The city is situated on the ridge top and is one of the best places to visit in Himachal for sightseeing, adventure activities, local delicacies, and the historical Mall road for seeing the Colonial age buildings and shopping. The Colonial period historic buildings and places are the most important places of attraction in Shimla, and tourists can visit the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies for sightseeing, ViceRegal lodge, Jakhoo peak, Christ Church, Lakkar Bazar, The Mall road, and Tibetan market. Shimla gets heavy Snow during winter, making it a winter destination for people worldwide.



Dharamshala lies on a spur of a snow-white snow-high mountain range locally named DholaDhār, 16 miles northeast of Kāngra, overlooking the entire Kangra valley. The whole mountain range view is very picturesque from the Dharamshala airport when you disembark your flight from Delhi to Dharamshala. The city has a strong Tibetan, British and local community character. The British established this town as a subsidiary cantonment for the troops stationed at Kāngra in 1849 by the early British regime. You can often see monks attired in bright saffron robes, fluttering prayer flags tied up, monasteries at regular intervals, and many tourist places here. Shops sell Tibetan arts & crafts, along with eateries that serve various Tibetan dishes, from Then to momos. The British buildings like St. John’s Church in the Wilderness, the cantonment areas, and the cemetery nearby are memories of the British regime. The city is the Winter Capital of Dharamshala, has an International Stadium, and many tourist attractions. Forts like Guler and Kangra Fort, Temples Brajeshwai, Chamunda Devi and Kalbadevi temple, Tea Gardens in Dharamshala and Palampur, Monaestires, and Waterfalls like Boh and Bhagsu Waterfalls are popular spots. You can try many adventure activities like Bungee Slingshot, Zipline, ATV rides, Trekking, Hiking, and camping. The place is a boon to adventure lovers; you should visit and try it. 



Manali is a place nested in the Himachal in a beautiful valley separated from Mandi District with a narrow gorge. The Culture here is a bit different from the rest of the Himachal because this valley was isolated and not frequently visited by the geographical position of the mountains. The Culture flourished there for many years and has uniqueness in terms of attire, food, local architecture, temples, and dialect. The spectacular valleys grew with streams of water, Fresh meadows, small towns, and forests of oak, fir, deodar, and pine trees in Manali. The streams and tributaries of the main river Beas flow down the rest of Himachal to the Punjab region. Manali is quite famous as one of the best places for Honeymoon in India, where newlyweds plan their trip to Manali and its surrounding valleys to spend time in the chilling weather. The temples and local houses have unique stunning architecture, mainly masonry, and wood, to insulate them from extreme winters. It is worth watching. Adventure sports are abundantly available in Solang Valley, where you can find places for riverside camping, Ziplining, River crossing, Skiing, paragliding, and can have fun. You can visit the famous Hidimba Temple mentioned in the Holy book of Hindus Mahabhartha, Manu, and Shiv temple, waterfalls like Jogni waterfalls and Rahala Falls, Hot water springs like Vashishth and Manikaran, forts like Naggar and Kuthar, valleys like Solang valley, Sethan and Tosh. Tall Deodar forests are everywhere in surrounding areas, adding beauty and dazzling appearance to the city. Catch sights of terraced farming, fruit orchards, and sprawling meadows are in abundance, where you can take a thousand selfies during a trip and may get the opportunity to pluck apples from the apple trees during harvesting season.


Prashar lake

the Parashar lake is a meadow lake situated uphill, and its beauty is unmatched in winter when it snows. The winter is perfect for exploring this hidden gem and beholding and appreciating its dazzling beauty. This high-altitude lake almost freezes in winter and is one of the lowest temperatures. The tourists come here to enjoy the beauty, calmness, and serenity of the lake and the tabletop mountain, admire the flora and fauna surrounding the lake, and feel the cool breeze and hushed whispers of the icy mountains. A lovely moment and place to Unwind and revitalize yourself.


Sainj Valley 

Sainj Valley of Himachal Pradesh is often not visited by tourists and is a hidden gem ideal for people who look for offbeat places, trek, and want to live in mud houses in the village with locals. The valley is adjacent to the Great Himalayan National Park and close to Kullu and Manali, popular tourist destinations. This valley is recently known and receives relatively low visitors annually. The terrace farms, Orchids, and sprawling meadows get good winter snow and add beauty to it. You can catch you up on a hike to the village around, live in mud houses, chat with locals, visit the meadows and orchids around, go to nearby streams, visit Pundrik Lake, and head on to the Great Himalayan national park with a guide to making your visit worth remembering.

Sainj Valley


Jibhi is a tiny hamlet nestled in Tirthan valley, on the banks of the Tirthan river, often known for its stunning landscape and captivating virgin beauty. This quaint town has picturesque nature trails and apple orchards. There are trout farms, and you fish for yourself, go to a river crossing, go trekking, and do rock climbing activities. The Solar Lake, Jibhi waterfall, and Shaini Kothi are popular attractions. Many homestays are viable in villages for spending vacations in Titan valley. The city, due to its beautiful location in the lap of the Himalayas, gets average snowfall during winters making it a holiday paradise in December.


Bir Billig 

Termed as “Paragliding Capital of India,” Bir Billing is blessed with natural beauty and a beautiful landscape, making it one of the most spectacular paragliding sites. Many Tourists and paragliders around the world come here for a bite of the thrilling paragliding adventure. You can volunteer for a paragliding excursion, trekking, and camping activities to cherish for the rest of your life. There are many Cafes and restaurants and camping sites available in the village. Take a trip to the local cafes to taste some Tibetan food, visit the Himalayan Film school, and go to the paragliding landing site during sunset, which will leave you feeling serene as the sun sets in the sky.



The heritage village of Kalpa is little known as its nested deep in Himachal Pradesh and is a beautiful place where you can find a view or wake up in snow-covered mountains in the morning. Apple farming is the primary source of the village residents, and you can find your hotel surrounded by apple orchards and pinewoods. Kalpa is one of the best offbeat locations in the desi hills, with abundant winter snow and an average temperature of -5 degrees. Narayan Nagani Temple, Suicide point, Sapni Fort, Baspa River, Hu-Bu-Lan-Car Gompa are famous places of interest.



Termed as Mini Switzerland of India’, this place is so beautiful in winter that it feels like a bit of heaven during winters. The lush green Deodar dense forest surrounds the entire area with a meadow and a small lake at the center. The place gets good snowfall and resembles a fairytale town in winter. It is a must-visit site during winter when you come with your sweetheart or family to have a splendid time. Camping, Hiking, and Adventure activities are available. Kalatop wildlife sanctuary, Khajji nag temple, and Lord Shiva statue are famous attractions nearby. The Colonial Town Dhaloisie is just a few Km away, where you can visit places built by the British regime. 


Sangla Valley

Kinnaur is a place nested deep in Himachal Pradesh in the Eastern region, and Sangla valley is one of the best tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh due to its unique beauty and local Culture. Kinnaur is a highland having acute precipitation and high snowfall in winter. The stunning views of the snow peaks are worth watching here from the balcony of the mud houses. You can pay a visit to Sangla Buddhist Monastery, Chitkul, the last village of Himachal, Bering Nag temple,Kamru Fort, and Batseri village are famous tourist spots.



Barot Valley

Barot, an Isolated little-known untouched valley, is a hidden gem of the Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. This valley is so serene with beauty, and its main tributary, the Uhl river, is becoming known as a trekkers paradise with many trek routes. This valley has such beautiful winters that something for everyone in the Barot valley, the snow-covered valley, the Trout fish farms, the Hydel Plant Reservoir built by Britishers in the late 1920s, Chuhar Valley, Nargu wildlife sanctuary, Kamrunag Temple, and Lapas Waterfall. The valley is filled with Rhododendron flowers during early spring, giving the forest a unique color. Rajgundha and Badagran are the upcoming destinations in Barot valley, and more and more tourists are flocking to these places.


Himachal is full of natural beauty, snow peaks, and Nice, hospitable people, and when you are looking for tourist places in Himachal Pradesh, this Blog will help you decide where you can plan your trip. The Winters in Himachal Pradesh come with a lot of Snow which adds to the natural beauty. So to experience the snowfall, you can also choose between these places and get your tickets done.

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