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“It’s Always a Good Fun”: Stories of Camping Experience

"It's Always a Good Fun" Stories of Camping Experience

Many travelers have been fascinated or bitten by the camping bug, especially after Lockdown, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

In Ambala, Zareena’s aged 45, camping plans didn’t work out very well last year.
“On this Saturday night, my husband and I decided to go out for a camping outing in Himachal as we thought we needed a break. We are both working professionals in the IT industry and are busy most of the time at work. We researched the available packages by spending time surfing, going through customer reviews, evaluating the best options, and even preparing a checklist of the items we wanted to pack in our backpacks. We chose one camp, made a reservation using the debit card, and were very excited that we made a reservation well in time. Looked for cab service for our pickup and drop and booked a Toyota Innova. We received an email from the campsite and a call from the transporter very soon that the state borders have been closed due to increasing cases of CoronaVirus. It was very frustrating as we wanted to go but could not. We canceled the booking with a heavy heart. Though we got all our refunds, we missed the plan. I am sure we will make plans again when the situation improves to have a good Funtime.

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We had never had any experience of staying in a camp before but wanted to have it this April. My husband made one reservation for this April season and booked a campsite for two nights. Sushila said. “Once we packed all the stuff, I thought, this will never fit. We need more bags. We already had three bags packed up.”
Sushila admitted she had been “dreading” the trip, as the rain was forecast, and she was hesitant about having to spend the night in a tent. However, the family had an “amazing” time.
“The kids were running all day around and had the best time of their lives was so amazing. We had so much freedom, and I had a great time with my husband exploring nature.”
The family extended their stay for another two days. “I can’t see myself giving up the vacation so soon. Sure, we want to experience the feel of it and would like to come again,” Sushila said. “This has unwound our lives out of the shackles of work, and that’s great.”

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Two weeks ago, Kurian, 27, and a group of school friends came up for this camping experience to have an excellent time.
“I was the tour leader and had to make all the arrangements to ensure the safety of everyone,” he said. “Though we had to maintain social distancing, we shared all the joy of camping together.”
Kurian, who lives in South Delhi, had never slept in tents and had never been on a camping experience before.” we went up for a short nature walk uphill, the path was so steep and dangerous” They went for a short hike. “Though it was not a very big hill, it still gave me goosebumps.” He later added.
When they returned, Kurian slipped while crossing a small river area, and all his clothes were wet.
“My friend saw me, and I started crying with laughter. I was drenched and miserable. My girlfriend was carrying my bag, and she gave me my boxers. I had to return to the campsite in my boxers,” he said.
Despite this, Kurian said he would like to come for a camping experience again.
“It’s a different source of fun we’re used to experiencing daily, but it is good fun,” he said. “It’s cheaper than a usual hotel, and the Campsite was gorgeous, so it’s not so bad.”

Practice Campfire Safety

Kanika works as an It professional in a company in Greater Noida. She recently came with her boyfriend on her first camping trip. She admitted that the pair has: fallen in Love” with nature and camping.
“We decided to try camping in the mountains, as the idea of booking a hotel was not working. We wanted to have just a weekend away together in nature,” she said.
For a couple who “love country adventure and a bit of luxury,” they have found an unlikely passion and have already rebooked for two weeks.

“We initially decided to book for the weekend,” She said. “We also managed to book during the summers, when it is usually hot, and one can smell like a goat with sweat, but the camping was amazing. In the end, we let the time fly as we arrived here a few hours ago.”
“We have fallen in love with camping, so much so we have decided to come again,” she added.


Sohaib recently took his first camping trip with his pregnant wife and young child in November but said it was pretty enchanting than he had thought.
“It was one of the best things we just decided. We were just attracted by the view of the snow mountains and the serene green landscape, the view of the fields, and the ambiance,” he said. “In theory, it’s cheaper than a luxury hotel; however, the ambiance like this in hotels is almost impossible.”
During his trip, he and his family experienced perfect family time together during ongoing battles to encourage their kid to follow physical distancing.
“The hospitality and the smiling faces of the staff were so impressive. The promptness in service was a great impression. It rained heavily in the evening, and we couldn’t get out of the tent due to heavy rain. The service staff rescued us from being hungry and managed to bring everything to the tent to feed us. It did feel impressive.”
Sohaib is determined to visit again very soon with his friends.
“it’s because we enjoyed it, but I am going to try again at the end of the month with my friends,” he said.

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