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6 Picnic Spots near Dharamshala that are with the most picturesque views

6 Picnic Spots near Dharamshala that are with the most picturesque views

Dharamshala is a serene town in Himachal Pradesh developed and established during early British Rule. Situated at the foot of the Dhauladhar mountains, the city has magnificent views of the Plains towards the south and the high peaks of Dhauladhars in the north. This town is also home to the Tibetian Govt-in-exile since China occupied Tibet. The Thekchen Chöling Temple Complex is a famous place established by the Buddhist community as a spiritual center for Tibetan Buddhism. It is displayed at the Library of Tibetan Works and is an excellent place to witness The precious manuscripts and archives of Tibetian culture and heritage. , His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Nobel Prize winner, lives at Dharamshala in Mcleodganj village. It is easy to get a glimpse of mixed Tibetan and local culture with the presence of many foreign tourists, who commute every year to see HH Dalai Lama and the Buddhist temples. The great mountains ridge and the lush green mountains with white peaks add a lot more charm to your vacationing duirng your stay at Dharamshala. There are many picnic spots near Dharamshala with breathtaking views and many attractions that are worth visiting.


Top 6 Picnic Spots Near Dharamshala

If you plan to visit Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, don’t miss the chance to see these picnic spots, which you can add to your bucket list, to have a memorable time.


Triund Trek

Triund Trek is one of the most popular treks to go over a weekend from Delhi and Chandigarh. It is perhaps the most leisurely Himalayan Trek to do on your own. A scenic panoramic view highlights this mountain climb with campsites & chai spots en route and valley down. You can enjoy the views of moonrises, sunrise, and sunsets at this place. A trekkers paradise, there are many viewpoints and sites to explore at this place.

The view from this site is surreal and provides breathtaking views of the Kangra and Dhauladhar ranges. You can trek to this place and camp for the night to relax and enjoy the views with your friends. At the base of the Trek, you can see Bhagsu falls, and at the top, u can proceed to Laka Glacier, the most scenic area during your hike.


Bhagsu Waterfalls

Located in Bhagsu Village, Bhagssunag temple is a famous place of worship of a Local tribal God here – it offers exquisite divine charms to the visitors. It has a swimming pool, and many worshippers come here to pray to God and bathe in the holy water. The Bhagsu waterfall, which is close by hike, is fascinating, offering a magnificent natural waterfall. This beautiful waterfall is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Dharmashala. You can reach Bhagsunag waterfall after a short trekking route, surrounded by lush green Himalayan trees. This waterfall is more than 30 feet tall and has a steady flow of water you can dip in to cool off in the summers. There are nearby cafes where u can have some delicious snacks and drinks.

Bhagsufalls 1

Dal Lake

Dal lake Dharamshala is a serene lake wedged on a mountain slope near The Deodar forest that surrounds Mcleodganj. The Lake has a mesmerizing view from this forest, and many people come to have a walk along the path that circumference the Lake. You can relax and walk around this Lake with your near and dear ones. Surrounded by abundant nature and wild birds, butterflies, and beetles that bring you close to your heart. The Lake is a great picnic spot filled with fish, and you can enjoy boating activities here.


Dal Lake

Kareri Lake

Kareri is a beautiful glacial Lake with a huge glacial moraine just below Manikani peak in the Dhauladhar Mountains. The Trek is moderate to strenuous and leads you through lush sub-tropical pine, Deodar forests, glacial moraine, and rocky grasslands. The tabletop terrain is steep and gradually shelving at the top. Once at the Lake, you can see the outcrops and the snow line, quickly making a clear transition of vegetation zones with altitude. There are no homestay or hotel options at Kareri except camps for trekkers and hikers. If you are planning for this Trek, it is always advisable to accompany a guide you as not to get lost in dense forest, and even if you are at Lake, you don’t find yourself alone. Kareri Lake freezes from late November to March except for summers and monsoons. You can plan for the Kareri Lake trek at any time of the year.

Kareri Lake

Naddi Village

Naddi is a small ridgetop village 3 Km west of Mcleodganj at an altitude of 2000 meters above MSL. The town is famous for its sunset view since it is on a ridge top. In Winter, the town gets a lot of snow. Tourists from Dharamshala and McleodGanj usually flock to this place for a panoramic view of the wide range of Dhauladhar Mountains, which is prettiest in Winter with a whitewash of snow.

ATV ride

Hill Ventures

Hill Ventures is a small tranquil Camping village on Dharamshala’s outskirts under the Dhauladhar Mountains’ lap. It is a place with a unification of natural beauty and adventure, becoming one of the promised camping and adventure destination. The location is suitable for tourists of all ages with various activities. A variety of Adventure activities like Camping, Yoga and meditation, Outdoor Adventure, Zipline, Bungee Slingshot, ATV rides, Archery, Treks n Hikes, Paragliding, and Mountain biking are some activities are conducted inside the campus and outside the campus.  

Hill Ventures organizes this Camping tour and provides you an opportunity to Witness the serene nature. Please visit our packages section and choose a package.

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