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Mcleodganj: An Unmissable Place for Adventure activities

Mcleodganj: An Unmissable Place for Adventure activities

Mcleodganj is a small village in Upper Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Formally known as little Lhasa of India, the town is a must-go place for adventurers for various adventure sports near Mcleodganj. The unique lifestyle and Tibetan culture make this village visit unforgettable. There is an excellent flow of domestic and international tourists to Mcleodganj to witness the serene beauty and diverse Buddhist culture. The place has considerable potential for adventure sports, and many adventure activities are available here that you can try hands-on, making it an unmissable place for adventure activities. Here are 9 adventure activities near Mcleodganj you should try for an adrenaline rush in 2023.

Paragliding in Dharamshala

Paragliding is the most popular sport in Himachal Pradesh. Kangra Valley is blessed with a high-altitude mountain Dhauladhar range ranging from 1200m above sea level to about 5000 m above sea level. These are some locations that are ideal for this sport. Book a Flight with an operator and witness the bird’s eye view of the serene landscape. The Flight operators are highly professional and take care of your safety well.  

Paragliding in Dharamshala

Zipline Adventure Sport

Zipline adventure sport is also known as flying fox. With the help of Zipline adventure sport, you can ride a wire connected between two points with a pulley and fly like superman at high speed in a brief period. The guide, the safety equipment, and the engineered Zipline many safeguards to ensure your safety is not compromised. If you are looking for sports that will give you an adrenaline rush, ziplining is the top adventure sport near Mcleodganj.

Trekking in Dharamshala

Trekking is a soft adventure sport, and anyone with a reasonable physical condition can do it. Basic knowledge of Camping gear, knots, hitches, and rope work is essential for trekking, or you can hire a guide to assist you. Multi-day trekking is also an excellent option to assess your strength, ability, and aptitude; however, try to choose a relatively easy trek if you are a beginner. The best treks near Mcleodganj are Kareri Lake trek, Triund trek, Ulud Trek, Himani Chamunda Trek, and Thatharna trek. 



Camping can be fun if you know what to do while camping. More than selecting destinations for camping, what you do while camping will define whether you will have fun camping or not. Camping is a lifetime experience with your family or friends where you create memories that will never fade. There are ample campsites to have a camping experience in Dharamshala. The best season is March to June and mid-September to mid-November for a night camping in Dharamshala. 

Rock climbing

Rock Climbing is done with various safety gear in the event of a fall. Your safety is guaranteed with the highest standards of quality-controlled equipment and trained professionals standing by, so you can enjoy the ride. A trained Guide assists you with donning the safety equipment and tying the safety line, and you are ready to go. Rock Climbing allows you to experience an extreme sport while having fun. It is one of the best outdoor activities near Mcleodganj for kids and adults.

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing


For those looking for hasty fun, nothing is compared to ascending down a giant cliff with a rope down to the level ground. You have control over your climb speed. It can be enjoyed by all people of all skill sets. It’s also used by the military, as seen in some Hollywood movies, where special troops ascend down the chopper with a rope. It stimulates you and arouses the desire of wanting to do it, putting his or her fears and limit to the test. The body is kept at 90 degrees from the rope, and you can walk back down the steep cliff 

Bungee Slingshot

If you are the kind of person who likes to get his heart beating in his throat, Bungee Slingshot is here for you. You will be strapped to the seat with 5 -point safety belts. The high tension elastic rope catapult will shoot you straight in one direction upwards, at about 60 feet tall, and gravity will pull you back down. The feeling is thrilling and terrifying at the first hit as you attain a speed of about 50 Km per hour in an instant, and your heart pounds up, and as you reach the top, you start to fall down. The highest Slingshot bungee in Himachal has a 60 feet tall Bungee Slingshot that would be great fun to try; it is the top adventure sport near Mcleodganj.

Bungee Slingshot
ATV ride

ATV Riding

ATV quad bikes are motorized vehicles used off-road or on dirt roads. ATV rides are offered at a custom closed circuit designed to provide a feeling of off-roading through a dust road, a stream, huge rocks, and inside a tunnel. The ATV is also available for Kids if you want to encourage them to learn to drive. 

You need to adhere to vehicle safety, road safety, and speeding regulations to reduce the risk of injury. The activity is fun-filled and is a unique adventure sport near Mcleodganj.

Swimming in Glacial waters

The magnificent Bhagsu Temple, located near Bhagsu village, is one of the main attractions near Mcleodganj. The swimming pool is the main attraction, and many people visit there to take a dip. There is a natural swimming pool at the Bhagsu Nag Temple, with fresh, clean water flowing from underneath the temple.


Swimming Pool

Plan your weekend in Dharamshala. The town holds all types of experiences for all ages, including an adventurous trips to Luxury, comfort, nature, peace or health tourism, and much more. There are many hotels in Dharamshala, Camping sites, and Hostels where accommodation can be booked quickly. Make a plan and a list of all the places you want to see and make a booking.

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