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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Dharamshala is the one of the most popular tranquil destinations which you will find in North India, which is perfect unification of natural beauty and culture. Tourists rush to this picturesque city throughout India and abroad in summers to beat off the heat. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Little Lhasa of India’, Dharamshala is popularly known as the holy residence of the exiled Tibetan monk 14th Dalai Lama. Hill Ventures offer Mountain Biking package to esteemed guests to enjoy riding along the virgin roads to relish the enchanted beauty of Dhauladhar mountains with their near and dear ones.

Worldwide of Mountain Biking, cornering plays a large part in a motorcyclist’s skill set and general capability on the trail. Your cornering setting is the one that will certainly give you the maximum gain of time. If you handle to completely integrate the motion intuitively, you will certainly have the ability to throw the bike around in no time with lots of hold. The reality is that cornering is just a collection of activities that, when assembled, help you transform much faster and also with more equilibrium as well as confidence.


A rolling tire has even more traction and consequently offers you much more control than a stopping or skidding tire. Prior to taking a corner, you ought to ask on your own what type of edge you are approaching and afterwards change your stopping strategies. Brake before you go in the turn. Your rate needs to have decreased such that it is not essential anymore to break in the corner.


Do not utilize your front brake in a corner. You ought to complete all of your braking prior to entering the edge. Some individuals choose to make use of the back brake to stop them being thrown over the front handlebars, yet theoretically, if you weight is properly placed throughout the bike after that there is not a problem making use of both.


Cornering is all about getting your hips moving around the bike. Include much more objective by turning your hips into the corner. It’s not a bus, it’s a bike, so get your whole body into it! Revolve your hips so that your belly button factors where you wish to go as well as remember to check out the turn as opposed to concentrating on your front wheel.


If you’re not misting likely to pedal nearby, prior to entering into it, move to the gear you want to utilize for pedaling out of the corner. Maintaining tight slightly applying the brakes to slow down a little bit as well as shifting to a reduced gear. Merely speaking on method search for the peak remedies your rate and get the ideal gear for exit.


Keep your body vertical. Turn the bike, not your body while catching to make sure that you can intuitively counter steer if your front tire sheds grip. Obtain reduced as well as initiate the turn with your hips. Assistance your weight with your legs and also try to maintain your hands light so you can lean the bike.


Keep your direct and aim to the exit of the turn. The more you read the trail ahead of you, the much faster you can go while planning your following line. For beginner bikers this usually implies that you have a tendency head directly for it.

Notes and warnings

Ensure you are trekking with the responsibility of keeping things clean in the mountains and do not throw any waste in the mountains. Bring back any waste with you to the cities.


Hill Ventures organizes MTB ride or Mountain cycling on requests for Groups at nearby remote roads. It’s a fun fulled activity for groups as well as good exercise. At an average a 3-4 Hours ride is adequate enough, however for professionals, a long ride is also organized at special charges.

Terms and Conditions

Itineraries are based on information available at the time of planning and are subject to change. “Hill Ventures” reserves the right to change expedition dates, people or itineraries as conditions warrant. If a trip must be delayed or the itinerary changed subject to bad weather, road conditions, transportation delays, government intervention, airline schedules, sickness, or other contingency for which Hill Ventures or its agents cannot make provision, the cost of delays and/or other changes are the responsibility of the participant. Hill Ventures reserves the right to decline, or accept, any individual as a trip member for any reason whatsoever.

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