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Adventure Activities Combo Pack

Get 8 Adventure Activities in a combo Pack at discounted price

We all do love adventures. Exploring the adventure activities at the Himalayas is the most fantastic activity. Hill ventures is the perfect place for enjoying the Adventure amidst incredible beauty of Himalayas at Dharamshala.

The adventure activities package at Hill Ventures lets you enjoy an adventurous experience in the midst of natural beauty through a set of multiple fun-filled activities at affordable price. The Adventure staff will guide, assist and provide you with proper equipment and support throughout your adventure with your safety on priority.  Children above 12+ years can participate, however weight and height criteria is there to participate. If you have some health issues please refrain from participating. Suitable dress code is recommended for adventure activities and good grip shoes.

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Bungee Slingshot

ATV Ride

Body Zorbing

Rock Climbing




Tour Details:

Total Group size of the tour is 2

The tour difficulty level is Moderate

Tour features:

A guide always has some practical obscurity to critique you on as he is the one who is technically qualified and has experience much more than you and he can tell you with authority that you should adhere to his instructions. He will take some of your time briefing you about the safety procedures and the protocols you need to follow to safely accomplish the activity, just to ensure your safety as top priority. Follow guide always. Safety comes with common sense, knowledge, application of set of instructions and you should never joke with your safety. So be a good listener  and always adhere to the instructions of the Professional guide supervising the activity.
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