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A taste of India

True to its name, Restaurant Food provides recipes and videos of the most exotic, delicious, and authentic Indian recipes.

Home-style cooking

You will find recipes for authentic Indian dishes here at an excellent service. Whether it’s vegetarian food or a dish with meat, you will find something you will love here at our restaurant.

Exotic delights

The food we prepare takes time because it’s fresh, authentic and delicious Indian food for our guests. Local Delicacies and popular dishes served quite often.

Tried and tested recipes | undiluted experience

In our kitchen, we use only the purest ingredients to hand-make each dish that’s been perfected over time to prepare all types of food. It’s not just about great-tasting food; it’s about what you stand for. Veg and non-veg food are prepared separately for the care of guests.

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We offer Himachali Local Cuisine (Himachali Dham) on significant gatherings / special occasions.

A taste of India
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