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Restaurant Menu Card

Restaurant Menu Card

Plain RotiBread And Rice15
Butter RotiBread And Rice20
Butter / Garlic NaanBread And Rice40
Cheese NaanBread And Rice50
Tawa Lachha ParanthaBread And Rice50
Plain RiceBread And Rice100
Zeera RiceBread And Rice140
Munchurian GravyBread And Rice190
Veg Fried RiceBread And Rice190
Butter ToastBreakfast40
Honey / Jam Butter ToastBreakfast50
Aloo ParanthaBreakfast60
Onion ParanthaBreakfast70
Egg ParanthaBreakfast80
Raddish ParanthaBreakfast80
Boondi RaitaBreakfast95
Bread OmletteBreakfast100
Yoghurt / CurdBreakfast100
Mix ParanthaBreakfast110
Paneer ParanthaBreakfast120
Chole BhatureBreakfast170
Puri BhajiBreakfast170
Indian BreakfastBreakfast300
English BreakfastBreakfast400
Bottled water 500 MlDrinks15
Black TeaDrinks20
Bottled water 1 LtrDrinks30
Plain SodaDrinks30
Soft Drink 300 MlDrinks30
Black CoffeeDrinks30
Lemon teaDrinks40
Milk teaDrinks45
Soft Drink 500 MLDrinks45
Honey Ginger Lemon teaDrinks50
Neemboo PaniDrinks50
Lemon SodaDrinks60
Milk CoffeeDrinks70
Chocolate MilkDrinks80
Cold CoffeeDrinks80
Hot Milk GlassDrinks80
Lassi Sweet/SaltedDrinks80
Half Chicken BiryaniMain Course Non Veg200
Half Chicken Fried RiceMain Course Non Veg200
Egg Fried RiceMain Course Non Veg220
Half Butter Chicken / kadhai ChickenMain Course Non Veg275
Half Chicken CurryMain Course Non Veg275
Half Chicken Masala / Chicken Shahi KormaMain Course Non Veg280
Half Radha ChickenMain Course Non Veg280
Chicken Fried RiceMain Course Non Veg330
Chicken BiryaniMain Course Non Veg350
Half Tandoori ChickenMain Course Non Veg380
Chicken Sink KabebMain Course Non Veg446
Chicken TikkaMain Course Non Veg446
Butter Chicken / kadhai ChickenMain Course Non Veg450
Chicken CurryMain Course Non Veg450
Chicken Masala / Chicken Shahi KormaMain Course Non Veg450
Radha ChickenMain Course Non Veg450
Tandoori ChickenMain Course Non Veg600
Channa Masala Main Course Veg170
Dal FryMain Course Veg170
Mix VegMain Course Veg170
Palak Methi  / Zeera AlooMain Course Veg170
Half Paneer Butter MasalaMain Course Veg175
Half Shahi Paneer / Paneer Kadai / Paneer BujiaMain Course Veg175
Dal Channa / Rajmah/ Dal MakhaniMain Course Veg200
Veg KoftaMain Course Veg200
Paneer BhujiaMain Course Veg250
Shahi Paneer / Paneer Kadai / Paneer BujiaMain Course Veg250
Veg BiryaniMain Course Veg250
Paneer Butter MasalaMain Course Veg270
Paneer TikkaMain Course Veg399
Veg KabebMain Course Veg399
Veg BarbecueMain Course Veg760
Non Veg BarbecueMain Course Veg950
Half Non Veg ChowmeinNon Veg Appetizers90
Half Non Veg Steam MomoNon Veg Appetizers90
Half Non Veg ThupkaNon Veg Appetizers90
Half Non Veg Fried MomoNon Veg Appetizers100
Egg SandwichNon Veg Appetizers110
Chicken ChopsyNon Veg Appetizers150
Half Chicken MunchurianNon Veg Appetizers150
Chicken SandwichNon Veg Appetizers160
Non Veg ChowmeinNon Veg Appetizers170
Non Veg Steam MomoNon Veg Appetizers170
Non Veg ThupkaNon Veg Appetizers170
Non Veg Fried MomoNon Veg Appetizers190
Chicken MumchurianNon Veg Appetizers240
Half Chicken 65Non Veg Appetizers250
Half Chicken ChilliNon Veg Appetizers280
Half Dragon ChickenNon Veg Appetizers280
Half KFC ChickenNon Veg Appetizers290
Chicken ChilliNon Veg Appetizers390
Chicken 65Non Veg Appetizers400
Dragon ChickenNon Veg Appetizers410
KFC ChickenNon Veg Appetizers450
PapadSalad and Desserts15
Fry PapadSalad and Desserts25
Gulab Jamun / SemiaSalad and Desserts50
ICE CreamSalad and Desserts50
Cucumber SaladSalad and Desserts60
Onion SaladSalad and Desserts60
Green SaladSalad and Desserts100
Peanut MasalaSalad and Desserts100
Boiled EggsSnacks50
Egg Omletter/ BhurgiSnacks60
Veg MaggieSnacks70
Egg MaggieSnacks100
French FriesSnacks100
Veg BurgerSnacks100
Chicken MaggieSnacks120
Grilled Cheese SandwichSnacks120
Veg ChrispySnacks150
Chilli Munchow SoupSoup60
Tomato SoupSoup60
Vegetable SoupSoup60
Chicken SoupSoup110
Veg Sweet Corn SoupSoup110
Chicken Clear SoupSoup120
Chicken Munchao SoupSoup120
Chicken Sweet Corn SoupSoup120
Half Veg Chowmein NoodlesVeg Appetizers70
Half Veg Steam MomoVeg Appetizers70
Galrlic Grilled BreadVeg Appetizers90
Half Red and white sauce PastaVeg Appetizers90
Half Veg Fry MomoVeg Appetizers90
Veg ThupkaVeg Appetizers90
Half Paneer PakodaVeg Appetizers100
Veg Chowmein NoodlesVeg Appetizers110
Veg Steam MomoVeg Appetizers110
Spring RollsVeg Appetizers140
Veg Fry MomoVeg Appetizers140
Veg PakodaVeg Appetizers140
Veg ChopsyVeg Appetizers145
Red and white sauce PastaVeg Appetizers150
Honey Chilli PotatoVeg Appetizers170
Paneer PakodaVeg Appetizers180
Half Cheese ChillyVeg Appetizers250
Cheese ChillyVeg Appetizers370


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