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Swiss Camping

Swiss Camping

Camping is an adventure sport that is perfect for families and groups of friends. Camping is a low-cost, low-tech outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a recreational and leisure activity which can be enjoyed in the great outdoors. It provides opportunities for fellowship, relaxation, renewal, and bonding for family, friends, and groups. A camping trip usually begins when a group of people check out a campsite in the great outdoors, sets up tents, builds campfires, and cooks food over the course of several days.

A camping resort has many different services to offer such as serene atmosphere, natural beauty, and all-inclusive packages. You could focus on providing a family-friendly resort that offers a private room with two beds, private bathroom, and balcony with spectacular views.

With the world constantly very busy and people tired of daily routine life, camping activities and adventure sports can be good way of detoxifying your physical and mental health. It can boost your focus, concentration and mood, curiosity, and subsides your stress and anxiety levels. Camping activities has multiple effects like it is a good means of socializing with your family or friends, inhale more oxygen which boosts your serotonin levels in your brain, get more physical and active, that is actually a good exercise, get more Vitamin D via exposure to Sun, get good sleep as there are no deadlines to meet, Away from your desktop or cell phones, good fresh food and protein for a good health, and lots and lots of fun. No wonder you can dig out you old hobby and start doing it again. Each camping experience is totally different and you’ll enjoy a unique experience together that will help you keep a healthy, happy relationship.

Dharamshala is a memorable experience where one can immerse himself with the most exquisite ambience blessed by nature. While camping in Dharamshala, tourists can look forward to enjoying Hiking, trekking and seeing popular attractions a=in and around Dharamshala. If you want to do Camping in Dharamshala, there are lots of camping sites in nearby Dharamshala villages, where you can book and reach even by your car right up to the Camp Site. Camps are equipped with modern amenities and there are a lot of things to do in the stay overnight like bonfire and Music, jam sessions etc. Cherish the golden hours of the day while at sunrise and sunsets where the snow peaks turn golden yellowish offering a surreal mesmerizing views. Even while roaming around the town breath-taking views and the scenic treks are available locally for you to cherish the beauty of the Dhauladhars.

Hill Ventures, camping organizers, offer spacious Swiss Camps designed to provide quality service to guests. Attached bathroom and balcony facility available. Choose Hill Ventures for, Camp activities for teens, Camping activities for couples, day Camp activities,  Camping in Dharamshala, for wilderness Camping and enjoy your weekend with your friends and family.

We are not just a hotel in Dharamshala, we are Camping in Dharamshala, that offers guests, a peaceful and serene environment around your stay.

Press Book Now above to book your Dharamshala Camping activities package, choose your camp, food plan and book your Swiss Camp instantly.

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Swiss Camping

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