Big Bear Feastival 2022

By  Hill Ventures  | 15 Aug 2022

Deeply rooted in an ethos of community, the spirit of creativity and heart is alive in us all, so let’s celebrate, share, experience and truly live in the Himalayan Woods.

What is Big bear all about

Anyone can come, It’s actually against the rules to reveal your age or ask someone how old they are at Big Bear Feastival.

Who can come

Our campers are everyday people. They are students, CEO’s, musicians, artists, bankers, writers, dancers, Wall Street, managers, angel investors,… the list goes on

Professional background

At camp we cannonball into the endless possibilities of life, as we share stories, silly games and the unknown…

Camp A Special Place

We believe that eating mindfully, the world at large and that we can heal our body through food. This is not just a Big Bear Feastival, its healthy getaway to feel revived.


Our chef prepares with only the best, healthiest, tastiest seasonal ingredients. With an emphasis on non-GMO and natural, and as organic as we can be.

We Accommodate All Diets

Yes, both are included every morning with breakfast , We partner with amazing sponsors to supply campers with the best coffee and tea that we can.

Coffee & Tea

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