Great Camping tips

By  Hill Ventures  | 28 April 32022

Packing List

Its always wise to make a packing list before you start packing. Try to carry lighter items and avoid heaveir ones

Over packing

There is nothing wrong in over packing stuff during your camping trip. You might need something

Bad Weather

Always check for weather forecast when planning for a camping Trip. Though the camps are waterproof still you can get wet.

Plan Activities

Plan for activities you want to do during your camping trip. U can pack a hammock to spend some quality time with your soulmate

Keep Warm

pack some good quality warm clothes in your bags. When going for high Altitude camping sites as it may rain and snow.

First Aid

It is very likely that during camping in the wild terrains, you can get hurt. Always have a first aid kit ready in your backpack to treat yourself.

Camp on higher ground

Always camp on higher grounds and clear from trees, to avoid yourself getting into flooding and lightening in case it rains.


Campfire is a great source of entertainment during camping. Make sure the bonfire is well away from your camp

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