Fun adventure activities near me in Dharamshala


Fun adventure activities near me in Dharamshala There are many fun adventure activities that you can enjoy near Dharamshala. Some popular options include: Paragliding Dharamshala is a popular spot for paragliding, with several companies offering tandem paragliding flights from various locations. paragliding is done in Bir Billing, Indrunaag and Narwana locations near Dharamshala. Zipline Ziplining […]

Adventure sports in India 

Paragliding In Himachal

Adventure Sports In India India is blessed with beautiful geographical diversity. It has diverse geography with deserts, mountains, seashore, swamps, and forests across its landscape. The Himalayas are one of the highest, stunning mountains, with higher and lower ranges. The Himalayas have been an attractive place for adventurer lovers. The snow-capped peaks always welcome people […]

Rock Climbing

rock Climbing

About Rock Climbing Humans have been climbing rocks for ages ago for safety reasons as it provided safe zone from predators. In Mustang, Nepal, archaeologists discovered a complex series of burial caves that can only be reached by climbing the faces of imposing vertical cliffs. The American Southwest is riddled with evidence of native tribes […]