Enhanced Safety Culture

On can witness our enhanced safety culture, where Safety is Priority in our day to day work and we value it. All guests are briefed appropriately prior any adventure activities.

 The guide

A guide always has some practical obscurity to critique you on as he is the one who is technically qualified and has experience much more than you and he can tell you with authority that you should adhere to his instructions. He will take some of your time briefing you about the safety procedures and the protocols you need to follow to safely accomplish the activity, just to ensure your safety as top priority. Follow guide always. Safety comes with common sense, knowledge, application of set of instructions and you should never joke with your safety.

The thrill while doing an adventure sport is unmatched. It is very important that when you attempt an extreme sport, you put your life at risk, so be mentally prepared and listen to instructions carefully to be safe. Here are some safety rules you should always bear in mind.

  • Everyone wants to share the adventurous experience they had. So if you are planning to take a picture of yourself while you are doing adventure, its better you leave the job to you friend or family member or the adventure staff. Taking pictures while doing adventure shifts your focus and it can be extremely dangerous.
  • Before you opt for any adventure sport, make sure you carry a valid photo ID with yourself to prove your age.
  • Don’t do any adventure activity if you are nervous and not confident about it.
  • If you have seizures, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnant, recently operated, fractured bone, refrain from any adventure activity.  In case of minor ailments, take your doctor’s advice.
  • Listen to the trainer/guide/staff instructions carefully to avoid any unforeseen situation. Do not engage in gossips while briefing is being carried out.
  • A quick proper warm-up would be great so that the muscles and joints become flexible.
  • Wear clothes that are suitable for adventure activity that will keep you comfortable along. Skirts, sarees, flipflops are not allowed.
  • Adventure activities are subject to weather conditions, wind rain, snow etc. So if the trainer says no, do not compel him as it can be extremely dangerous and someone may loose life.
  • Always check the activity display board for set of instructions and precautions before you participate.