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Add up some unique fun and entertainment in your family gathering, birthday party or family groups or friend groups by adding up Bull riding to your activities. The bull ride will give u a chance to experience the joy of riding a wild animal and you will get your adrenaline pumping. The activity is totally safe for all people as the speeds and spins are controlled by a trained guide. If you even fall don’t bother it because you will land up on the Floor that is already cushioned. The activity can be done for minimum age 7 years. If you have any injuries like fracture or back pain, operation or recent pregnancy etc please don’t do this ride.

Mechanical Bull-riding has become popular in recent years, as fans see it as a recreational Sport. At same time it doesn’t harm any real bull for the sport. If you are an expert or a beginner on that mechanical bull for the first time, these tips will help you on a little longer.

  • Sit as high up on the bull, closer to its head as u can. Hold on the rope using your most powerful hand and keep the other arm away from you, to keep the balance. Grip the sides of bull tightly with your inner thighs.
  • Watch a few people go before you, sometimes it can help to see a few people succeed for a longer time. So watch and observe.
  • Wear something non slippery pants, most preferably jeans is the best one.
  • Keep your body center of gravity around your hips.
  • Keep observing Bulls Head as this will indicate directional changes, and u can shift yourself to the swing and buck. You can wait for smiling at your friends and family, besides if you hold for longer the pictures will be even better.
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